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22 Sep 2022
Beauty for Ashes

The enemy is VERY deceptive - AI Preparations

“Blood must have blood” – the line made famous in the show The 100 has a much deeper meaning than most realize. Join us for Take #19, in our Hollywood Decode series with Vicki O’Brien as we take another deep dive into the shot The 100 and what they are showing us! From depopulation to mind control, the deep state has been using Hollywood as their mouthpiece.  We dive into the CW show, The 100 as we point out how the enemy use


The enemy is VERY deceptive – AI Preparations

Originally Recorded 8-24-22 The Enemy is Very Deceptive & AI Preparations “Blood must have blood” – the line made famous ...
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Is Social Media increasing gender dysphoria in our youth?

Is Gender Dsyphoria increasing in our youth from the impacts of social media? Kids as young as 14 are being ...
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Originally Recorded 9-2-22 Depression & Mental Health Rising at an Alarming Rate 17% of college aged kids are on some ...
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The Coming War | Church Rise-Up

Originally Recorded 9-14-22 The Coming War | Church Rise-Up We are on the brink of a mighty move of God! ...
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TOP GUN – Do you know YOUR Mission?

Originally Recorded 9-2-22 TOP GUN - Do you know YOUR mission? With the new release of Top Gun, Ed Rush ...
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Derek Johnson – Military and Trump – Still in Charge per Law & Order

Originally Recorded 9-12-22 Derek Johnson - Military & Trump - Still in Charge Per Law & Order Is the Military ...
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#Metoo and Favors in Exchange for Perks – w/Thomas Althouse

Originally Recorded 8-29-22 #Metoo and 'Perks' for Promotion What do you do when promotion or perks are offered in exchange ...
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Let’s talk hormones! Do you need them!?!

Originally Recorded 8-26-22 Let's Talk Hormones! Do you NEED them??? Do you know what the impact of your hormones does ...
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Julie Green – Prophecy Fulfilled ~ Fauci, Cheney, FBI

Originally Recorded 9-6-22 Julie Green - Prophecy Fulfilled ~ Fauci, Cheney, and the FBI Today’s guest, Julie Green gets “Gods ...
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Banks are running OUT of money – are YOU prepared???

Originally Recorded 8-30-22 Banks are running OUT of Money - Do YOU know what to do? Banks are RUNNING out ...
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Do the things we say have any meaning? If Jesus showed up, would you WANT him to STAY? Can we ...
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Casting Couches? Weinstein? Does it really happen?

Originally Recorded 8-25-22 Casting Couches? Weinstein? What is going on in Hollywood? Do "casting couches" exist? Why do child actors ...
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The Story Behind Beauty for Ashes

I took my first “red pill” in April 2020. The government lockdowns had just begun, and I kept waking up at 3am. One morning (at 3am), I asked God if He would talk to me, tell me what was going on, and explain why I kept waking up at this specific time. And He answered! I heard Him speak, “Come downstairs”. It was like being in a movie, and I questioned if that was truly God speaking to me until I heard it again, “If you want me to talk to you, come downstairs.” So I did as He asked. As I sat in the darkness, with my bible on my lap and looking out into the still night outside, I heard His words that forever changed my life’s trajectory. “What you have known, will never be again. What has been will not look the same ever again.” And those were the words that foretold what was to come, in my life and in our world.

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2020 The Year the World Changed

The church was silent for too long.
Christians trusted the church over the GOD of the church.
Culture was overtaken.
No one noticed…
Until it was almost too late.

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With all that is going on in this country and how this is changing so fast - I am going to add this section which will be a faster way...
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