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BIBLICAL DAYS AHEAD | Are you prepared? Clay Clark | TipTopK9

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Originally Recorded 11-1-22

BIBLICAL DAYS AHEAD | Are you prepared? Clay Clark | TipTopK9

Do you know the depth of biblical days we are living through right now? Have you heard that the Euphrates River is almost dried up (Rev. 16:12, the 6th bowl poured out)? Are you aware of what they are planning for Mt. Sinai?

Clay Clark and Ryan, owner of TipTopK9 joined us in studio to discuss just how far we are in scripture. Check out these scriptures that are coming true right before our eyes.
CHECK SCRIPTURES OUT HERE –> Revelations 13:16-18; Rev. 9:11; Matt 24; Luke 21; Daniel 12:4; Ezekiel 28; Daniel 2:43

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