Beauty for Ashes

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Warning Re: New Move of God 5-14-21

Views: 31I heard the Lord remind me of something that Randy Clark said during a meeting at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, many years ago, probably 15-20 years ago.  He was speaking and gave a warning, sharing that the next move of God would be thwarted, stopped, halted by those who were part of the […]

Every Knee Will Bow 5-13-21

Views: 17I was spending time with the Lord this afternoon, out in the sun and water (where He speaks to me often), worshipping Him. I was overwhelmed with His kindness and goodness, tears flowing down my cheeks as I was just in awe of how kind He has been to me. You see, I was […]

Come to Me 6-24-21

Views: 10The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord says: “Come to me and listen.  Listen to my breath, my heartbeat.   For what I am going to do will blow your mind.  What I am going to do will set this world ablaze. What I AM going to do will bring down strongholds that have kept my […]

Be Faithful 6-30-21

Views: 7 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord says: “Be faithful in the little.   Be faithful in the mundane. I am doing a new thing that will take time to shake out.  So be faithful with what I have put before you this day. Take time to ask me what I’m saying and what’s on my […]

Watch the Skies 7-5-21

Views: 9 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord says: “Watch very closely as the skies above break forth into something new. That which was will never be again. You see ‘I AM’ doing a new thing and no ONE or no THING can stop it.  The wheels are in motion and will not slow down – […]

Rest 7-12-21

Views: 7The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord says: “Rest.  As things continue to increase in pressure, be sure to set time aside to rest in me.  Rest your head on my chest my child. The days ahead are going to be a bumpy ride but as you lay your head on my word, on my […]

Weightiness 7-15-21

Views: 6The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord said: “The weight of this next season is going to be as a women in labor.   The pressure on the body.  The weightiness of the birth pangs are and will be increasing. As a women in labor needs reprieve and time to breathe and rest between contractions – […]

I See Them 7-19-21

Views: 7 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord told me to tell His people: “I see them.  I hear your heart crying out in what feels like the wilderness.  And I cry out, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord”.   Watch the mountaintops and the valleys low.  For my hand will move swiftly. The giants you […]

For Such a Time as This 7-22-21

Views: 9The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord told me to tell His people:  “The plans I’ve had for every one of you were planned since the foundation of the earth.  I did NOT create so that everyone could screw it up.  I created and put a plan in place for every individual on earth.  I […]

Dreams 2021

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Views: 13A Mandate is NOT a law – it is therefore NOT enforceable.  Evidence behind the masks The data and TRUTH behind MOST of what is going on – is literally right under our noses.  It is almost like living in a game or alternate reality where many people are simply blind to the truth.  […]


Views: 32 Budesonide Dr’s – (these Dr’s will prescribe and meet via telemed) o   Lorina Lujan (432)940-1960 o   Jerry Lyon **Will prescribe Budesonide In All 50 States (817)349-7541 o   Alex Watkins **Will prescribe Budesonide In All 50 States (432)268-3773 o   Shawn Harris (432)264-1911 o   Dr Bartlett **was advisory Dr for […]

Jab Data

Views: 26The gov’t halted Swine flu vaccine due to 25 deaths – we now have over 11k deaths with Covid jab as of July 23, 2021.  Check on the VAERS website to see the numbers increase – VAERS Data                 Between May 12 to July 29 the total reported breakthrough infections was […]

Adverse Effects

Views: 14On October 22, 2020 the FDA held a meeting with major players regarding what to expect when the vaccine is released.  Before it was ever released they knew what the adverse effects would be – and they published it – and it is STILL on the website – for ALL to see.  Ask yourself […]


Views: 17On July 19, 2021, Thomas Renz filed a federal lawsuit in Alabama courts against the mass government cover-up of injection-related U.S. deaths based on the Nuremberg Code. o   Case No. 2:21-cv-00702-CLM o   Nuremberg Code – § o   This suit is based on an affidavit with a government insider whistle-blower who […]


Views: 18With all that is going on in this country and how this is changing so fast – I am going to add this section which will be a faster way to find forms to use to fight this tyranny. Use this form for any organization (school or otherwise) that is mandating masks for our […]