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Dr Ardis Was Wrong!?

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Originally Recorded 11/8/22

Dr Ardis Was Wrong!?

Was venom involved in the reason the virus was so deadly? What happens when venom is introduced into your bloodstream? Why are people around the world who are infected by Covid testing with dangerously high amounts of cone snail and snake venom in their blood? How does someone in Italy end up with both snail venom (only found in the water) and snake venom (only found in the desert) in their blood stream? Something is very off! Dr. Ardis has been studying the history and makeup of the Covid virus and more for over a year. His highly acclaimed documentary, “Watch the Water” was a documentary released as a world premiere in April, 2021, by Stew Peters and Dr. Ardis with over 4.2 millions views so far on Rumble. He joins us today with the documented proof backing up this theory and exposing who was behind it!

He is the host of The Dr Ardis Show as well as CEO of ArdisLabs.  You can find his show on Rumble and Vokalnow. 

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