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The Fight to Save America Is Just Beginning! Eric Mallow, Freedom Coalition

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Originally Recorded 10/31/22

The Fight to Save America Is Just Beginning!

Eric Mallow is a Union Pacific railroad worker who fought the Federal Vax Mandate which was won in the Supreme Court and also helped organize with Leigh Dundas, Robert Kennedy, and Josh Yoder the November Strike up against it.  He has also worked with Bonds for the win running 31 patriot groups and liberated 31 school districts to go mask and vaccine choice in Northern California.  

As the United States of America grapples for real leadership and virtue, the 7 mountains of societal influence have been captured and corrupted. Media, Government, Education, Economy, Family, Religion, and the Arts/Entertainment have been overtaken by an evil agenda that is tearing the very fabric of Old Glory to shreds. And the saddest part is our children are the target. No, the saddest part is our parents don’t know that their children are the target.

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