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The gov’t halted Swine flu vaccine due to 25 deaths – we now have over 11k deaths with Covid jab as of July 23, 2021.

 Check on the VAERS website to see the numbers increase – VAERS Data                

Between May 12 to July 29 the total reported breakthrough infections was 9,245 for a claimed 95 million vaxed people to now 35,000 breakthrough infections PER WEEK for a claimed 162 million vaxed people.

    CDC Data May 12, 2021

    CDC Data July 29, 2021

CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were  fully vaccinated
Three-fourths of people infected in a Massachusetts outbreak were fully vaxed against the virus with four of them ending up in the hospital, according to new data published Friday by the CDC.         The new data published in the U.S. agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, also found that fully vaxed people who get infected carry as much of the virus in their nose as unvaxed people and could spread it to others.

CNBC article

Highlights from one of the top Dr’s speaking on this is Dr. Carrie Medaj – Video Interview with Dr. Carrie Medaj and Stew Peters

o   Genetic modification, synthetic or fake MRNA, and spike proteins are making your body make a protein it should not have in it

o   We have never seen anything like this before

o   Pfizer and Moderna – both using nano lithic particles that wraps around the DNA which has to suppress the immune system first so that it doesn’t destroy it.  Then acts like an on-demand drug. 

o   The nano technology can be used for other things and has no data to show whether this is even safe.  Intent and purpose for this is due to GAVI/Mastercard/Trust Stamp – they are building a “wellness pass” (digital ID/barcode) which will provide a financial change – (cryptocurrency)

§  These jabs can also be used for predictive policing and monitoring

§  It is being launched in West Africa and once it is perfected it will be released to all countries

o   Magnetism is real – 50% of those who had injection could have magnets stick to them

§  Moderna or Pfizer have high EMF rate as if they have a higher frequency like cell phone which can lead to other health conditions

o   Hydrogel, which is used to hold mRNA together within injection can be used as bio sensor – microscopic in size but can collect data such as:

§  Can tell if you are lying

§  Blood alcohol content

§  Wirelessly transmitting information

§  Communicating with anything digital near you

§  By 2030 – plan to have humans connected to everything

·  “Agenda 2030” on World Economic Forum

o   Thoughts, dreams are recorded

o   Bio sensors – what are those made of? Hydrogel

·  “Agenda 21” similar

Look up these agenda’s for yourself and read what they plan….

o   We need to know what is IN the injection – currently no one knows fully what is in the vaccine

§  No one knows how to fight the vaccines until we know fully what is in them

§  The inserts that come with the injections are blank (numerous video can be found on Rumble of nurses showing the blank drug inserts off)

o   These covid “vaccines” are actually gene therapies – not vaccines – it is genetically engineered (think GMO foods)

o   The goal is to re-engineer our DNA – Transhumanism

§  Mary Holland, Vice President and Chief Advocate of the Children’s Health Defense Organization, warns, “New vaccine technologies will likely lead to new types of vaccine harms. Since there has never been an approved mRNA vaccine, we really don’t know what such damage will look like. Because vaccines have been developed so quickly and clinical trials are so short, the long-term damage is completely unknown.”

John Hopkins PCR Test Article

o   Bill Gates estimates 700,000 fatalities from the C-19 vaccine –

    Bill Gates Article

  • Peggy Hall, Healthy
    • Join her website for updates and review the different options she has for exemption forms, how to fight back against your employer, how to stand up to school boards, and how to ensure your rights are not taken from you. 

o   OSHA – Cali version of OSHA met to extend “emergency temporary standards” on June 17

o   Fact sheets will be posted on her website

o   OSHA only applies to Employers – not employees

§  General rule: you have to have a workforce that is free of known hazards

o   Regulations cannot make new ‘laws’ – only legislative branches can make laws

o   Violates many laws that are in state and federal constitutions

Even the new mandates that the CDC are trying to insist upon are illegal – they are a department entity of the government, they are not legislature given the power to make laws. They can only suggest what they would like. If they try to enforce this, the courts will never be able to uphold it.

·  Vaccine Exemption Form Information

·  Dr’s warn of what is to come from these ‘vaccines’ – MRNA Vaccine Death

Inventor of MRNA technology sounds alarm regarding these jabs – scroll down to find video

MRNA Dr Robert Malone Interview

Dr. Peter McCullough reported on June 20, 2021 that 50,000 Americans have been killed

·  Under the federal law for emergency-use authorization of medical treatment – everyone participating must have “informed consent”

o   This means everyone must be made aware of the warnings and potential risks.

o   As of print, the insert for adverse effects and ingredients of the vaccine is ‘blank’ stating “Left intentionally blank”

o   The ‘fact-checkers’ have stated that this is because one must go to the website in order to see potential adverse effects. 

o   Interestingly, when you go to the website and read what the insert should say – it is quite clear:

§  It states in the first few lines that all individuals should read this before any vaccine – how can they read it if it is not made available even for the providers to see?

§  It then states a few lines down “The vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19.  There is no FDA approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19”

§  The J&J vaccine lists ingredients online as follows:

The Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine includes the following ingredients: recombinant, replication-incompetent adenovirus type 26 expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, citric acid monohydrate, trisodium citrate dihydrate, ethanol, 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HBCD), polysorbate-80, sodium chloride.

Why are the inserts for the vaccines all blank? 

  • Particularly when the insert begins by stating that everyone must “Read this fact sheet for information about the J&J vaccine.  Talk to the vaccination provider if you have any questions.”
  • How do we know what to ask if the nurses can’t even see what is written on it?

FDA Article