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#Metoo and Favors in Exchange for Perks – w/Thomas Althouse

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Originally Recorded 8-29-22

#Metoo and ‘Perks’ for Promotion

What do you do when promotion or perks are offered in exchange for ‘favors’? Today we expose how ‘favors’ are requested throughout all industries but especially in the entertainment business in exchange for promotion. What to do when a man or woman offer you ‘perks’ if you are willing to perform the ‘favors’ requested?

Hollywood screenwriter Thomas Althouse joins our Hollywood Decode series as we launch episode #9 of Deep Dive Behind the Matrix! He can prove through forensic evidence that he wrote the original screenplay for the Blockbuster motion picture THE MATRIX. He was being groomed to be the face of the Christian Coalition by one of the biggest named evangelical leaders out there.  He has seen the dark side of both Hollywood and the christian church.  He has had his intellectual property stolen, two of his sons murdered, and all in an attempt to silence him and what he knows.  Similar to the script itself, there are many ways to look at things.  Unlike the movie, it’s the blue pill that represents truth.  Join us on this journey to find out why that is on today’s show, Deep Dive Into the Matrix with Thomas Althouse.  

You can see all of the court files, documents, and document proof at

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