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Welcome to Beauty for Ashes

My Journey from Ashes to Beauty The Story Behind Beauty for Ashes

I took my first “red pill” in April 2020. The government lockdowns had just begun, and I kept waking up at 3am. One morning (at 3am), I asked God if He would talk to me, tell me what was going on, and explain why I kept waking up at this specific time. And He answered! I heard Him speak, “Come downstairs”. It was like being in a movie, and I questioned if that was truly God speaking to me until I heard it again, “If you want me to talk to you, come downstairs.” So I did as He asked. As I sat in the darkness, with my bible on my lap and looking out into the still night outside, I heard His words that forever changed my life’s trajectory. “What you have known, will never be again. What has been will not look the same ever again.” And those were the words that foretold what was to come, in my life and in our world.

I began to be bombarded with documentaries, articles, and videos of truths I had never heard of before. Like they had been hidden from me. It started with the children and what evil has been done to them for generations. That led to the entertainment industry, Disney, the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Deep State, the nefarious works of our own government in so many areas, and what this virus was all about: population control. The “red pill” was that so much of what I once thought was real, was a lie. So I started a private Facebook group that grew almost overnight to a couple hundred people. Then the election happened, and I watched with my own eyes as numbers changed LIVE on TV. It was clear that an alternative media would need to rise up, just as the prophets had been foretelling, and it was time for me to enter in even deeper than just a Facebook group.

So in the spring of 2021, when I was asked to share my story and approached to start a weekly show on ROKU, I knew it was the time. That was when Beauty for Ashes was birthed. All I knew as I began this journey, was that the truth needed to be told, and I was willing to have discussions with others who were seeing it also. I heard the Lord ask me to provide a place for the voices of the Esthers, Deborahs, Davids, Jeremiahs, Ruths, and all the warriors of God who are ready and willing to fight in this spiritual battle. We all are needed in this war. One person cannot do it all. I invite you to join us in this battle, pull on your armor and become the warrior YOU were created to be! There was one thing that the enemy forgot when he started this battle, that the sheep are ALSO lions!

The goal of Beauty for Ashes is to provide content that will inform, teach, engage, and activate YOU in the areas of faith, family, and freedom.

   We believe:

  • We are to preach good news that is TRUTH
  • We are to bring freedom to those who are being held in captivity
  • We are to proclaim what God is doing both in the natural and supernatural
  • We are to save this republic for future generations

Beauty for Ashes officially launched on 5-5-20 with Amanda Grace (a day of double grace!) and quickly grew to include featured guests such as Clay Clark, Donna Rigney, Yvon Attia, Deborah Williams, Anne Hamilton, John Redenbo, Doug Billings, Dr. Stella Immanuel, Vicki O’Brien, Mark Finchem, Christie Hutcherson, Dr. Mark Sherwood….and many, many more! It has been humbling and honoring to see what the Lord is growing this into!

Our content is now available on our website!  Follow us on most social media platforms!  You can find us on TruthSocial @realtaniajoygibson or by searching Beauty for Ashes with Tania Joy on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Clouthub, Brighteon, FrankSpeech, Instagram, Gab, Gettr, and all common podcasts.  We are excited to continue in our God ordained mission to shine light upon the darkness!